Confederation M&A has the largest team solely dedicated to merger & acquisition transactions in Atlantic Canada. Our diverse background serves a wide range of clients and gives us the knowledge and skills to help entrepreneurs achieve their buying and selling goals.



At Confederation M&A, We help entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses. We’re the experts that help lead transactions and make sure all details of a transaction are accounted for. Our confidential and proven approach to a transaction has given our clients the assurances and tools they need to be successful in a transaction.



Our success is due in large part to the great clients we get to work with. We have developed a reputation for excellence and as the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. Our clients have come to trust us and know that we are committed to getting the best possible outcome.



We like to share good news when we have it including what is going on with our firm, useful information for those considering buying or selling a business and from time to time, we will share our successes.



If you’re thinking of selling your business or perhaps you’re looking to buy a business, Confederation M&A can help answer your questions and would be pleased to walk you through the steps to achieve your buying or selling goals. Our knowledgeable team would love to hear from you.




  • Steven M. Barber
    Closing this chapter of our lives was made as smooth as possible by means of Confederation M&A professional team.  In the restaurant and bar business, keeping the proposition of selling our company quiet while in the works is of the utmost importance, and we were not disappointed. Confederation M&A worked hard to ensure the successful candidates were the perfect fit for keeping our staff in good hands.
    Steven M. Barber
    Red Island Hospitality Group Inc.
  • Jeannette Arsenault
    It was great to work with professional people like Wayne and Jeff on our behalf who make the process so easy to follow and understand. It is complicated selling a business in a busy season and they certainly helped us through it all.
    Jeannette Arsenault
    Former Owner, Shop & Play
  • Leading Edge Geomatics Management Team
    The Confederation M&A team were professional, process driven and responsive. Their involvement was instrumental in Leading Edge Geomatics finding an investment partner in NovaCap to focus on growing the business. From developing the potential investor list, to following a proven bidding process, through to the due diligence activity the Confederation M&A team were organized, process driven and responsive at every stage of the transaction. Transactions of this magnitude have many variables and require significant effort, especially while trying to manage the day-to-day operations of the business.  Having the experience, processes and support of the Confederation M&A team definitively made the transaction possible.
    Leading Edge Geomatics Management Team
    Leading Edge Geomatics
  • Les and Marlene Andrews
    Confederation M&A has a great team of professionals. They were always available to answer any of our questions,  provided excellent service  and let us continue to run our business as they worked behind the scenes with potential buyers. A pleasure to work with Jeff, Wayne and Trisha.
    Les and Marlene Andrews
    Former Owners, New Glasgow Highlands Campground
  • Dave Clark
    After being in the car business for 35 years and 25 of those years as an owner, I knew my time had come to move on to other interests. I was extremely pleased with my sale through Confederation M&A, from the first meeting with Wayne and Trish to the final "i" dotted and "t" crossed. Their team was professional and knowledgeable and through their selling process realized me an exceptional return for my business. I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone buying or selling a business.
    Dave Clark
    Former Owner, Clark's Toyota
  • Jim Clark
    Confederation M&A is a vital part of the selling of any business. Trisha and Wayne are valuable assets  and make the selling process seamless, from gathering all the information needed, putting it all together, to informing potential buyers. If you want the best return on your investment Trisha and Wayne are the answer.
    Jim Clark
    Former Owner, Clark Toyota
  • Clark Baglole
    We are thrilled with the results on our sale. Selling a business is not a do-it- yourself project, and we made the right decision in engaging the team in this process.
    Clark Baglole
    Former VP, Delcom Engineering
  • Forbes MacPherson
    It is really quite simple. When you are looking to buy a car, you visit a car dealership. When you are looking to purchase a house, you connect with a real estate agent. If you want to acquire a business or inquire about opportunities, you visit with Confederation M&A. A good friend of mine pointed us in the direction of Confederation M&A. It started with a one-on-one meeting with Trisha and a year later we were the proud owners of a business. For 12 months we worked on a project in which the process was very professional, supportive and confidential.
    Forbes MacPherson
    Owner, Fisherman's Wharf
  • Trevor Bevan
    Throughout the buying process we found Jeff and Wayne to be very knowledgeable and professional. Their guidance and clear communication allowed us to successfully navigate through the United Janitorial purchase. We look forward to working with Confederation M&A again in the future.
    Trevor Bevan
    Co-Owner, United Janitorial
  • Colin and Matthew Younker
    Confederation M&A Group has provided us with the opportunity to fulfill our goal of becoming small business owners. The professional service we received ensured that we were well informed and were able to make a clear and concise decision during the acquisition process.
    Colin and Matthew Younker
    The Spa Total Fitness Centre & Little Caesars
  • Jeff Hemphill
    Wayne and Trish were valuable assets in selling my business from start to end. Their expertise and experience provided confidence and consistency throughout. They were tremendously helpful and added much value for me. I would highly recommend anyone selling a business to consider using them for a more beneficial outcome.
    Jeff Hemphill
    Former Owner, Hemphill GM
  • Tom Clark
    We entrusted our third generation business, and our entire working career to the folks at Confederation M&A, to help us market our business. That was certainly not a decision that was taken lightly by ourselves, nor was that importance lost on the folks at Confederation M&A. At every step of the detailed and thorough process, Trisha and Wayne were there to guide us, they can offer you a detailed and comprehensive vehicle in which to maximize your assets and sell your business. They orchestrate this in a very professional and confidential manner. I'd strongly urge anyone interested in pursuing the sale of your business to explore this by speaking with them.
    Tom Clark
    Former Owner, Clarke's Nissan
  • Marc Comeau
    When we decided it was time to sell our dealership, I knew it wasn’t something we wanted to do alone. From very early on when we engaged with Confederation M&A, they guided us through a thorough process that was logical and timely, and ultimately, brought offers to the table that may not otherwise have been there. It was a pleasure working with Wayne and Trish and I would highly recommend this Confederation M&A team for others looking to sell their business.
    Marc Comeau
    Former Owner, Anchor Motors
  • Kent Scales
    As buyers, we have used Confederation M&A for a number of acquisitions. They were professional and provided us with excellent guidance in completing our transactions.
    Kent Scales
    Scales Group of Companies