Seeking Expressions of Interest: Western Canada Seed & Table Potato Farm

Seed & Table Potato Grower

  • Over 40 years history producing top quality seed and table potatoes in Western Canada
  • Potatoes are grown in northern and isolated geographic location –allowing them to develop into physiologically younger, pathogen-free plants for other seed potato growers
  • Growers of over 1,500 acres of high generation seed and table potatoes; producing over 23,000 tons per year
  • Maintain a closed loop system of production through vertical integration
  • Nationally and internationally recognized as a superior supplier of red, yellow flesh, and russet potatoes
  • Rigorous, federally-inspected process allows secondary seed producers to access vigorous disease-free seed
  • Strong leadership team in place, with certain shareholders willing to stay on with new ownership
  • Annual sales averaging over $7.5 Million

Interested parties will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. For more details, please contact Jeff MacKenzie, Senior Advisor, 1.902.629.5090